Cheetos Wants You to Try to Make It Through a Full 24 Hours Using Only Your 'Other Hand'

According to Cheetos, some 99% of its consumers eat the cheesy, crunchy snack with their dominant hand. While this metric isn't from a scientific study, we're choosing to believe them, because, yeah, why wouldn't someone use their dominant hand to eat their snacks?

But, as Cheetos pointed out, this means its consumers must live the rest of their day using their non-dominant hand to complete tasks as their dominant one is clearly covered in thick Cheetos dust (which, in case you didn't know, is actually referred to as "Cheetle"). 

To honor the days when you simply have to get stuff done, but still want to enjoy a treat, Cheetos has created its "Other Hand" campaign, featuring none other than 2023 NBA champion Jamal Murray. 
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In the new campaign, fans watch as Murray — who's famous for his ambidextrous abilities — attempts to make it through the day as a southpaw. And while sure, he can switch hands mid-air for a layup, turns out he's not so great at tying his shoes or attempting to zip up a sweatshirt with his non-dominant hand, just like you. 

“Cheetos fans everywhere know the feeling when they need to get things done, but their fingers are covered in that beloved orange Cheetle dust,” Tina Mahal, senior vice president of marketing at PepsiCo Foods North America, said about the new ad spot in a press release shared with Food & Wine. “Instead of putting the Cheetos bag down, they try out their Other Hand, and things often go hilariously ‘wrong.’ From missing high-fives to daily task mishaps, this campaign is an ode to the fans who will do anything for their favorite snack. We’re showing the world that it’s okay to use your Other Hand and embrace the mess.”

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And really, Murray has been embracing that mess, especially with just how many high-fives he's been whiffing lately off the court. 

Cheetos Launches New ‘Other Hand’ Campaign.
“It’s no secret that I’m a Cheetos fan,” Murray added in the statement. “Using my Other Hand often leads to some funny, often messy, things happening, like missing high-fives. I’m excited to team up with the brand to embrace the mischief and celebrate those moments that Cheetos fans like me know all too well.”

Fans of both Murray and Cheetos are invited to get in on the fun too with their own Other Hand misses using the hashtag #CheetosOtherHand. And really, you should give it a try anyway, as studies show attempting everyday tasks with your non-dominant hand can make you more creative and can even help you better control your emotions. That way, you can focus on your layup game, too.  

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