Doritos Is Dropping a New Flavor Just for Mountain Dew Fans

Mountain Dew is celebrating the 20th birthday of its much-beloved flavor, Baja Blast, in a big way. 

The flavor, originally created as an exclusive partnership for Taco Bell, is now available in retail stores for the entire year. But that's not all. Baja Blast is now also in chip form, thanks to a new partnership with Doritos. 

"This year marks the 20th Bajaversary, and Doritos is officially joining the year-long celebration," the chip company shared in a statement provided to Food & Wine. Yes, my tropical lime-loving friends, Baja Blast is now sprinkled all over those triangle chips for the new Doritos Baja Fiery Mango.  

"Spice-packed and tangy, this limited-time flavor is another way the brand is showcasing its dedication to bringing unexpected flavor experiences to loyal Doritos fans," a Doritos spokesperson added. 

As the spokesperson noted, the brand didn’t just want to purely translate the beverage’s taste to the chip. Rather, “the team was particularly drawn to the mango habanero flavor combination, as it’s a proliferating flavor on menus and felt truer to Doritos brand and the flavor experiences Doritos consumers are seeking.” So with the mango habanero concept in mind, the team pivoted to “exploring different mango flavor paths that focused on the various properties of a mango — juiciness, tartness, earthiness, etc.,” until they landed on the flavor it’s offering today. And to up the “fiery” ante, it added plenty of chili peppers to balance the mango’s sweetness.

The chips, like the soda, are only going to be around for a limited time. The Baja Fiery Mango will be available in select retailers across the United States starting on April 14 and will then be sold nationwide on April 28. It will come in three sizes: 9-ounce, 2.6-ounce, and club 18.3-ounce bags. The flavor will also be available via an eight-pack ecommerce variety pack, which also includes Doritos Nacho Cheese and Doritos Cool Ranch.

And, since this is a major birthday celebration, you know they weren't going to stop at just chips.

With the purchase of any Baja product, including a bag of Doritos Baja Fiery Mango, fans can scan the packaging for a chance to get exclusive Doritos x Bajagear. The shop is also filled with a ton of other partnership swag, including T-shirts, electronics, beach loungers, socks, ice cube trays, Taco Bell deals, and a limited-edition Stanley Cup that's sure to become a collectible at your local high school. See it all at

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