There's a New Tiny Tomato in Town, and It's In-Season All Year Long



Oh, you thought you tried all the tomatoes that ever existed? Well, boy oh boy, do we have some news for you. 

Oishii, a vertical farming company, recently unveiled its latest creation, the Rubī Tomato, which it promises is a sweet treat.

"True to its name (Rubī means 'ruby' in Japanese), this jewel-like tomato has a bright red, shiny, and delicate skin, encasing a juicy center bursting with flavor," the company shared on its website about its latest creation. 

According to Oishii, the Rubī Tomato is the "ideal snacking tomato," as it's similar to other cherry tomatoes in that it can be consumed in one delicious bite. Oishii explained that its tomato also comes with "high levels of umami," giving it an uber unique flavor. 

The fruit was developed in its New Jersey vertical farm without the use of pesticides. And because it's grown in a vertical facility, the Rubī can be grown year-round, ensuring it's always in season. 

"Whereas other tomatoes only experience peak ripeness for a few short weeks, the Rubī Tomato is always-in-season, with one mouthful transporting you to pure tomato bliss," Oishii added. 

As of now, the tomatoes are only available at Whole Foods Market’s Jersey City location and are selling at $9.99 for a tray of 11 tomatoes. But, according to the brand, the tomatoes will be rolling out to other Whole Foods locations across the country throughout 2024. 

This isn't the brand's only creation. It also launched a Koyo Berry (which translates to "elated" in Japanese), which is also vertically farmed and thus always in season, and comes with an ultra-sweet flavor profile that the brand says is ideal as part of a "bountiful" breakfast.  

And finally, Oishii is the mastermind behind the Omakase Berry, which "hails from the foothills of the Japanese Alps, where fruit only grows for a short period of the year." But, once again, rather than leaving it up to Mother Nature, the team figured out a way to grow it all year long so you can enjoy it even in the dead of winter. 

"We have recreated this specific climate year-round in the world's largest indoor vertical strawberry farm, cultivating delicious berries time after time," Oishii says. "This is a special strawberry, one to savor with every bite. With a creamy texture, aromatics that fill the room, and a delicate sweetness, the Omakase Berry is best shared or gifted to a loved one. The perfect finish to a meal, it's a food-lovers dream, a wonderfully balanced, delicious treat any time of year." A gift indeed, as it retails for $20 for a pack of 11. But biting into perfection really has no price, right? 

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