PepsiCo Is Recalling This Popular Zero Sugar Drink Because It's Actually Full of Sugar

Pepsico Inc. is voluntarily recalling one of its popular sugar-free drinks because, as it turns out, it's chock-full of sugar. 

According to an FDA announcement, the company is recalling more than 230 cases of sugar- and caffeine-free Schweppes Ginger Ale, as the product was inadvertently made with full sugar, thus making it unsafe for some people to drink. As the announcement noted, the cases were found to contain full sugar after an international investigation discovered the error. 

The recall, which was initiated in early March, includes products shipped to retailers in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia and affected nearly 5,600 cans. If you believe you've purchased one of the cases, look for the following sell-by-date and universal product code on the packaging: May 2024 MAY 2024 0520VS02164 and MAY 2024 0550VS02164

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Like all recalls, if you've purchased one of these cases, you should dispose of it immediately, especially if you are a person who needs to regulate and manage their blood sugar due to diabetes or other health conditions. 

It's important to note that, to date, no injuries or illnesses have been reported with this recall. The FDA has also not reported if the cases have been pulled from store shelves, so if you are heading to the grocery store to buy some, make sure to check the codes before adding it to your cart. 

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But don't let this recall deter you from buying Schweppes in the future. After all, it is one of the preferred drinks of the British Royal Family and was even awarded a Royal Warrant in 1836. 

"Jacob Schweppe’s effervescent character still lives in our products today," the Royal Warrant website explained. "Now sold to 811,000 people each week and 6.5 million households per year; the Schweppes brand continues to go from strength to strength. Having held the Royal Warrant since 1836 and been the official sponsor of Prince Albert’s Great Exhibition in 1851, Schweppes has been proudly served at Britain's most prestigious households and events for over 234 years, it’s why we’re the nation’s favorite." So go ahead, sip like a royal — just make sure there's no accidental sugar in there first. 

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