Pizza Hut Teams Up With TikTok's Favorite Food Critic for a Brand-New Pie

Keith Lee, TikTok's favorite food critic, is sharing his favorite slices with you. 

On Tuesday, Lee and Pizza Hut announced their new partnership, bringing the world a pizza crafted by Lee, a Forbes 30 Under 30 Creator, NAACP Outstanding Social Media Personality winner, and TikToker with more than 16 million followers, and his family. And it's known as the FamiLEE Community Pizza.

"I am blessed to team up with Pizza Hut for the FamiLEE Community Pizza, and I'm excited to support causes that hit close to home," Lee shared in a statement provided to Food & Wine. "This partnership is all about sharing love through food, bringing communities together, and doing what we truly feel is supposed to be done within our space." 

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According to Lee, the pizza came together after a visit to the company's headquarters in Texas. "I talked to and really enjoyed my time with them, so working together on this initiative felt really authentic." 

So, what's on the pie? It's simple and elegant. The FamiLEE Community Pizza has pepperoni and bacon on a hand-crust. 

Pizza Hut Joins Forces with Viral Food Critic Keith Lee to Introduce the
 FamiLEE Community Pizza.
The FamiLEE Community Pizza is topped with pepperoni and bacon on a hand-crust. PIZZA HUT
"Bacon and pepperoni are the only toppings I ever get on my pizza — they are my favorite," Lee said. "So when I was working with Pizza Hut to make this, it only felt right to make a pizza that I would (and do) eat all the time." 

But don't worry if you want to add on a few more toppings. This pizza is part of Pizza Hut's $12 ANY promotion, meaning you can get whatever you want for just $12. 

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"You can add a ton of toppings to make it your own. If your family likes a mix of toppings, you don’t have to compromise," Lee added.  

And while the pie sure does sound great, it may not even be the best part of this partnership. With the release of the pie, Pizza Hut and Lee are donating $50,000 to Southfield ANT and Oak Hills High School, where Lee and his wife Ronni attended high school, all in an effort to reflect Lee's dedication to education and community service.

“Keith Lee is a creator who has really been shaping the food industry and one I have been an avid follower of for a long time," Lindsay Morgan, the CMO at Pizza Hut, added in the statement. "His TikTok reviews are authentic, and he celebrates community and family. We felt his personal brand was a perfect fit for Pizza Hut, so together, we created the FamiLEE Community Pizza so guests can try Keith's recipe and be a part of giving back to his community." 

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Pizza Hut, Lee added, "has been there during big moments in life with my family, and I’m grateful to be a part of this journey together. I can only be thankful in advance that this pizza will encourage others to do the same." 

The FamiLEE Community Pizza will be available nationwide for a limited time both in-store and on the app available through, so get it while you can.

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